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Taxonomies of Learning

Learning Outcomes are what the learners should be able to do after a learning experience. Learning can take place dominantly in one of the three domains: cognitive, affective, and psychomotor. We need a way of classifying outcomes of learning, and a structure for outcome statements. Such classification facilitates communication among all the stakeholders of education. As our understanding of the brain where all learning takes place is very limited, it is difficult to arrive at a universally acceptable classification (taxonomy) of learning.  Several taxonomies of learning exist and practiced. Revised Bloom’s taxonomy of cognitive domain is used majorly in India. Many taxonomies of Affective and Psychomotor domains exist, their use in higher education programs is very limited.

Outcome statements written with a well-defined structure will greatly facilitate assessment and instruction.

  • Taxonomies of Learning
  • Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy of Cognitive Domain
  • Vincenti Taxonomy of Engineering Knowledge
  • Revised Bloom-Vincenti Taxonomy of Cognitive Domain
  • Taxonomy of Affective Domain
  • Taxonomy of Psychomotor Domain
  • Writing Outcome statements