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Attainment of Outcomes

Every course is to be described in terms of course outcomes that also foster attainment of a subset of program outcomes and program specific outcomes. Formative assessments enable the instructor to guide the students to learn well. Summative assessments enable the measurement of levels of attainment of course outcomes and act as feedback to course design and curriculum improvement. For the assessments to be effective learning and teaching tools, they must be in alignment with course outcomes and instruction. Instructors need to plan assessment (test items and assessment instruments) and conduct assessment with appropriate tools and techniques. The assessment results can be used for improving teaching and learning.

Program Outcomes and Program Specific Outcomes are dominantly attained in any program through the core courses/activities of the program. A course can only address a subset of POs and PSOs. All the core activities of a program should together lead to satisfactory attainment of all the POs and PSOs.

The attainment of course outcomes is computed as class averages of student performances in Continuous Internal Assessments and End Semester Assessments. However, there can be several ways of computing these averages. These averages need to be compared against chosen targets. The attainment gaps should be able to guide the teacher to plan for reducing the attainment gaps in the next offering of the same course. Demonstrating continuous improvements in the quality of learning is a requirement of accreditation.

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