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Assessment is a measure of learning. Educational assessment is a key component of all educational systems. The purpose of assessment is to systematically improve the quality of student learning through improved institutional systems, programs, and teaching-learning processes. Two primary questions addressed by assessment are, “What we want our students to learn?” and “How can we show that students are achieving the desired outcomes?”

Educational assessment, according to the National Institute on Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA) with reference to the learners, is the systematic process of documenting and using empirical data on the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and beliefs of students. Assessment as the process of providing credible evidence of resources, implementation actions, and outcomes undertaken for the purpose of improving the effectiveness of instruction, programs, and services in higher education. (Palomba and Banta (2006)

  • Educational Assessment
  • Quality of Assessment
  • AERA Standards
  • Difficulty Levels of Assessment Items
  • Item (Question) Banks
  • Designing Assessment Instruments